October 10, 2010

How To Cook Cous Cous

When cous cous goes wrong it can be unpleasant - too little water and time, and it is hard, too much water and you end up with a soggy meal.

The rule of thumb for cous cous is equal amounts of cous cous and liquid. So if you cook one cup of cous cous, you need one cup of boiling liquid.

The best way to measure accurately is to use a measuring jug. Weigh the amount of cous cous you want to cook, this is around 50-60g per person. Next, put that in a measuring jug and record the amount in millimeters. Put the cous cous in a bowl and pour boiling liquid into the jug up to the same level of millimeters as the cous cous had been. This guarantees and equal amount of cous cous and liquid and avoids a soggy mess...

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