October 22, 2010

Food Market, Nice, France

I had the joy of visiting the famous Cours Saleya food market in Nice, France recently. The daily market is one of the most famous outdoor markets and is a combination of food and flowers, and antiques on Mondays. It is an amazing spectacle of colours and smells with tasters of some food available. For me, the best thing about this market was the array of fresh produce available - much more than you see in most of the British food markets, where a lot of stalls offer finished food produce. Below are some pictures of this wonderful and traditional market.

A huge array of nuts and dried fruit are available

The fruit and vegetables were so fresh! It was great to see so many people doing a weekly shop in an outdoor market. Of course the good weather in Nice does help!

Some unusual shaped tomatoes!

I loved the colours on this stall. They only sold tomatoes but the placed garlic and red onions around the display to creative a beautiful stall.

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